A warm welcome to the Robin Hood’s Bay Walks website.

It all began with walkers stopping outside my house, a little lost and looking for a particular stile. I looked at their ‘walking guide’, its maps & instructions… and pondered… what if… you could have a walking guide with photographs & guide notes of all the key points along the way so you would always know you were ‘on track’?

“Of course, the walking guide would be improved with a basic guide to the village.” And so, I disappeared down that rabbit hole too.

Book 1: Introductions Please (Updated 28th August 2022)

Now available as a FREE downloadable, interactive pdf until the end of September 2022 (and that may be extended further) - just click on the “Free Downloads” button at the top of the page.

A ‘photographic’ walking guide with key marker points for 6 walks in the local area to bring you an introductory flavour of the many lovely walks and varied scenery you can find here. It also contains a basic map guide to Robin Hood’s Bay & area.

I’ve decided to launch the first full walking guide in pdf form for free for the coming months. This will give time see how it runs and respond to user’s feedback.